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Pete Boyle
6 min readFeb 8, 2021


OK, so I’ve been copywriting for the last 10 years so I, probably, am pretty biased.

But if you run a business the most important element of your marketing is your copywriting and messaging.

Without doubt.

Unclear messaging means the user doesn’t know how they’re going to benefit from what you offer.

Unclear messaging causes potential clients and customers to walk away, thinking they can find a better-fit solution elsewhere.

Here’s the thing.

Getting that messaging right isn’t easy.

Now, I’ve also produced a tonne of content around copywriting training in the past.

  1. We have this piece on the best copywriting books
  2. We have this breakdown of the best copywriting courses
  3. And we have specific pieces telling you how to improve elements of your marketing like this one on crafting a sales page

Here’s the thing.

That’s a lot of information to sift through.

So, in the interests of brevity, I’m gonna offer a quick, truncated list of the best books on copywriting for business owners here.

Read these 5 books and you’ll be better situated to craft better copy for your company.

A minor warning

Before we get into this, you’ve got to understand what good copywriting is.

Good copywriting is about more than words on a page.

Sure, that’s how you communicate the key message.

But great copy is about communicating the message in a way that persuades a reader to take an action.

It’s about hitting on psychological triggers.

Sure, knowing how to write is important. If it reads like a school child’s report.

But just as important is understanding what makes people tick.

Copywriting is about writing to sell.

In short…

  1. You have to know how to write clear, concise copy
  2. You have to write in a way…



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