Every single month I feel like social media marketing becomes more difficult.

Each and every platform amends its algorithm for a better “user experience”, but all I see is…

  • Lower engagement
  • Lower organic reach
  • More people trying scammy tactics to game the system and increase reach

There’s a cynical part of me that thinks it’s all a ploy to get me to pay more in ad spend.

But I also know that there are people out there absolutely killing it on social media without

  • Spending a penny
  • Resorting to scammy practices
  • Compromising their professional integrity

I wanted to figure out…

I recently saw buzz around a newsletter business that closed $550MM in a year.

Here’s the tweet from Sam Parr that kicked things off.

There’s a newsletter business called The Agora. They own 20–40 diff newsletters. In a given week, they make $20-$50 million in revenue. I know because I’ve seen the financials. They’re VERY fascinating and incredibly polarizing. Anyone know more about them? DM me (or comment)

- Sam Parr ⚪️ (@theSamParr) March 3, 2020

The Agora.

If you’re not aware of the brand, here’s a quick overview.

The Agora is a behemoth in the newsletter and info publishing…

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Never judge a book by it’s cover… or title I guess.

Recently been reading the terribly named “ How to Get Rich “ by a very wealthy chap called Felix Dennis.

Surprisingly a great little read and pretty funny to boot.

Anyway, that’s my content in, let’s talk about my recent experiments in content out.

— — -

Growth tip

Tweeting up a storm

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I’d love to have a little robot Pete that could help me start and scale new business ideas. That would be awesome… in theory.

Turns out that the CGI influencers that might help enable this are creepy AF. More on that below.

Still, if you’re mulling over a business idea and want to know if it could work (with or without a robot’s help), check out our fun little biz idea quiz here.

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Been spending a lot more time on Twitter recently. Mainly cause I can send a quick DM and get responses from huge founders and highly successful people (seriously. It’s insane how easy it is to connect with people there).

I’ve also been sharing daily growth and marketing ideas there.

And yet, my top Tweet (by a huge margin) is stating that the PlayStation 2 is the best product sequel of all time.

Couldn’t have…

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The robots are coming to take our jobs!

This was a fear I had not too long ago when reading about the advances with GPT-3 — the AI writing machine.

Here’s the thing. I think there are a few folk who should be worried.

The low-value copywriters who do little to add value to their client businesses and simply write “by-the-numbers”.

I also reckon that the best copywriters out there are gonna adapt. They’re gonna be the ones who integrate…

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Non-fungible tokens… NFTs.

What are they, and how could you use them in your business?

Here’s a few things I’ve learned recently and how I think you could use NFTs to make money online…👇👇👇

#1 — What are NFTs?

Fungible = replaceable.

Non-fungible = non-replaceable.

NFTs use Ethereum Blockchain to create unique digital assets that cannot be replaced like for like.

#2 — What does that mean?

A $5 bill is fungible. Yours is worth the same as mine. We exchange them, nothing changes.

The Mona Lisa…

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Most folk are doing content marketing wrong.

Here’s a quick and dirty guide on getting more miles out of every piece of content you produce. Even if you’re working on a brand new website.

I’ve used this to scale brand new pieces to 100 visits / day within a week.

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I never wanted to be famous (good job I’m not I guess 😂).

But I’ve gotta say, as the years have passed I’ve noticed that the folk who have a substantial audience find it MUCH easier to see growth and launch new offers.

Maybe being famous ain’t all that bad?

Here’s a few thoughts on audience 👇👇👇

Growth tip

Onlyfans > YouTube?

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I once managed to get through to the final stage of the audition cycle for a TV show in Hong Kong.


By being in the right place at the right time (seriously, none of it was planned and just kinda happened) and capitalising on any new development.

Lesson is, put yourself in more situations and you’re more likely to “happen” across opportunities. Then ride that wave.

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Never forget to seize the opportunity

ClassPass — the mobile app that allows you to book drop…

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