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Noom's sales sequence goes against pretty much all of the advice I've ever heard on selling products online.

Specifically the advice to make the sign-up and purchase journey as short as possible.

Noom's initial sales sequence has 65+ pages to it. Which means you're looking at making a user take ~64 actions before they become a customer.

Crazy, right?

Thing is, Noom's crazy successful making hundreds of millions in revenue every year.

So, a few weeks back I sat down with fellow marketer Dan McDermott to try and deconstruct what Noom does so well. …

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I once managed to get through to the final stage of the audition cycle for a TV show in Hong Kong.


By being in the right place at the right time (seriously, none of it was planned and just kinda happened) and capitalising on any new development.

Lesson is, put yourself in more situations and you’re more likely to “happen” across opportunities. Then ride that wave.

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Never forget to seize the opportunity

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ClassPass — the mobile app that allows you to book drop…

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I see this topic come up time and time again.

A lot of advice for driving traffic to a new site or brand is wonderfully vague.

It’s bullshit ideas and aspirational goals like…

  • Publish better content than the competition
  • Add internal links
  • Secure backlinks

And just like that, in 6–12 months you have a chance of ranking.

Don’t know about you, but, I’m not a fan of having to wait 6–12 months for feedback on whether or not my content really is better than the competition.

The fast way of generating more traffic

I’ve wasted years of time and effort following the “do good work and wait…

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I recently got off a call with a startup founder who was going for a second round of funding.

At the time of the call he had…

  • Active daily users in the low 4-figures
  • Email subscribers in low 5 figures
  • Past funding of low-mid 6-figures
  • Decided a new funding round was needed of 7-figures plus

Wanna know the craziest thing?

He had exactly $0 in revenue.

And yet the entire call was focused on the features he wanted to implement in his tool.

My best efforts to turn the conversation to engaging the unengaged email subs to see what he…

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OK, so I’ve been copywriting for the last 10 years so I, probably, am pretty biased.

But if you run a business the most important element of your marketing is your copywriting and messaging.

Without doubt.

Unclear messaging means the user doesn’t know how they’re going to benefit from what you offer.

Unclear messaging causes potential clients and customers to walk away, thinking they can find a better-fit solution elsewhere.

Here’s the thing.

Getting that messaging right isn’t easy.

Now, I’ve also produced a tonne of content around copywriting training in the past.

  1. We have this piece on the best…

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Here’s the scoop.

It’s Sunday. And I was a little bored so decided to look into funny marketing strategies.

The number of search results for this is huge. And honestly, most aren’t the kind of things I’m looking fior.

Most were simple explanations of how to be “witty” or how to write with humour.

Not what I’m after.

I wanted to find a handful of funny and entertaining marketing campaigns.

Here’s a few of the favourites I found.

Dropping a man from space

Do you remember that fella Felix Baumgartner who, after travelling to the edge of our atmosphere, did what no sane person would…

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If you want to grow a company there are two primary considerations you need to make.

  1. Create an offer your target market are going to love
  2. Make sure your offer gets in front of the right people

Today’s article isn’t going to address the first issue.

Maybe I’ll cover that another time.

What I am going to talk about is the process I’ve used to close great joint venture collaborations and open the door for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work.

It is, in effect, a cold email approach.

And it’s the same one I’ve used to grow…

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“What’s the most profitable business” is a question I’ve heard countless times in multiple forms.

  • Freelancers ask for the most profitable niche.
  • Traders are looking for the next GME or Bitcoin
  • Founders are looking to found the next Facebook, Amazon, or Tesla

It all comes back to the might, might dollar.

Here’s the thing though.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer for the most profitable business.

I’m gonna quickly go over what’s differentiated the brands I’ve worked with over 10 years of helping grow companies.

A little backstory on business growth

“It’s gonna be $10,000 for the whole service.”

Back when I first started my copywriting consulting company

I recently saw this question asked on Quora and, well, I thought I’d tap out a quick answer.

Yesterday I wrote about going from 100–10,000 users.

This, I thought, ties in quite well so wanted to elaborate a little more.

Specifically, I wanted to focus on why this is the wrong question to ask.

Why asking about growing to 1,000,000 users is the wrong question

Whether you’re building a freelance copywriting business or trying to get new users to your app, asking how you can make $1MM is the wrong question.

That is, unless, you’re already at $100,000+.

The only thing you need to focus on right now is getting to…

Picture this.

You’ve just launched a new business and, through sheer force of will, have managed to attract your first 100 paying users.

Congrats, right?

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

You’ve not only made a few bucks for yourself, but you’ve validated the idea and proven there is a market out there.

Now though, now comes the hard part.

Scaling the user base from 100 users, to 1000, and then 10,000.

Knowing how to do this is anything but easy.

but today, I’m gonna give a quick overview of what I’ve seen work and how…

Pete Boyle

Founder of I examine how businesses use words to grow their revenue.

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