How to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Weekend

Start Now!

There’s an old Chinese proverb which says:

Make Sure Your Store is Ready

Your traffic on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday is going to skyrocket.

Consider Every Channel

eCommerce is a multi-faceted beast with numerous channels to promote your products and solicit sales.

Email Marketing

Email has long been the king of ROI, and it’s no different during Black Friday. In 2015, Custora reported email as the number one channel which accounted for 25.1% of sales.

On-site Marketing

Your store is going to see a huge spike in traffic.

  • Fill those areas with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specific creatives (like the one below)
  • Adapt your current popup, chat, and welcome mat copy to focus on the deals you’re running through this period

Paid Ads

Paid ads are a great method of driving targeted traffic to your site. According to Custora, paid search was responsible for 16.3% of orders in 2015.

Ad Scent

Keep the ad scent strong!


Not everyone who visits your site is going to convert on that first visit. However, the visit itself is a huge indicator of interest. To make the most out of the 4 day sales weekend you should be setting up some remarketing strategies to bring those visitors who showed an interest back to the products they viewed.

Timed, Specific Ad Content

Everyone knows Black Friday sales are limited in time which is great for you because a little scarcity forces people to take immediate action.


Thanks to its insanely high engagement stats, Facebook Messenger is becoming the lynchpin of many eCommerce stores’ conversion strategy.

  • Messenger welcome messages that detail what’s on offer to new subscribers
  • Receipt delivery (which can be used for strategic cross and up-sells)
  • Fulfilment updates to keep users updated on delivery times

Focus on Mobile Optimisation

Mobile first has become the mantra of conversion rate optimisation nuts across the globe, and with good reason.

Make Sure Your Abandoned Cart Sequences are Ready

Abandoned carts are an issue for stores year round. On Black Friday 2016 weekend alone, an average 68.3% of carts were abandoned.

Track Everything

User interaction is going to go through the roof over Black Friday weekend.

  • Paid ad tracking
  • Heatmap tool
  • Advanced user tracking
  • Email/messenger engagement tracking]

Don’t Forget to Follow Up After the Black Friday Weekend is Done!

Black Friday through to Cyber Monday might only be four days, but you’re going to collect a huge amount of data on your customers over those four days which could lead to increased revenue across the year.



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