I let AI take over my social media marketing, here’s what happened — Growth Models

Pete Boyle
13 min readOct 16, 2023


There’s nothing worse than slaving over a detailed, long-form social media post for a few hours only to see it get a few likes.

And then, when you check your feed, there’s some influencer who’s shared a 2 sentence soundbite that’s got tens of thousands of views, hundreds of likes, and dozens of comments.

Being solidly in the camp of “long-form posts and no engagement” myself, I decided to see if AI could help me improve my social media marketing and online presence.

Here’s what I did, and how it worked.

If you want to get the prompt template I used for the AI and see the 100 posts it created (plus some other goodies) get them as content upgrades here.

My AI content marketing strategy from a high-level

As mentioned above, a lot of my social media posts tend to get overlooked and ignored.

However, there are plenty of people out there who have less professional experience than I who have millions of followers.

They know something I don’t, and so I decided to look into what it is that they do and say.