I let AI take over my social media marketing, here’s what happened — Growth Models

Pete Boyle
13 min readOct 16, 2023


There’s nothing worse than slaving over a detailed, long-form social media post for a few hours only to see it get a few likes.

And then, when you check your feed, there’s some influencer who’s shared a 2 sentence soundbite that’s got tens of thousands of views, hundreds of likes, and dozens of comments.

Being solidly in the camp of “long-form posts and no engagement” myself, I decided to see if AI could help me improve my social media marketing and online presence.

Here’s what I did, and how it worked.

If you want to get the prompt template I used for the AI and see the 100 posts it created (plus some other goodies) get them as content upgrades here.

My AI content marketing strategy from a high-level

As mentioned above, a lot of my social media posts tend to get overlooked and ignored.

However, there are plenty of people out there who have less professional experience than I who have millions of followers.

They know something I don’t, and so I decided to look into what it is that they do and say.

The basic advice is the same across the board.

  • Share “useful” content (even if the giver of this advice shares useless content)
  • Be consistent
  • Share things that get people to engage
  • Engage with others

Pretty standard advice.

When I started looking into the kind of posts that people who are known and trusted in social media growth share, I saw them getting a lot of engagement on posts like the below from Justin Welsh.

It’s a short post.

A great little soundbite which is easy for people to like.

As you can see, this particular one has 835 likes, almost 45K views, and 149 comments.

That alone isn’t what I’m interested in. These are vanity metrics really. But what people like Justin do so well is use posts like the above to increase reach, and then use other posts to move traffic to their site.