SEO marketing strategy for growth — a detailed guide for 2024 — Growth Models

Pete Boyle
11 min readDec 4, 2023


A lot of brands get their SEO marketing strategy wrong.

They pursue the wrong kinds of keywords, the wrong kinds of content, and never even consider intent.

The result is spending thousands on writers, tools, and editorial staff for little or no reward.

I’ve helped scale several brands through content alone in a way that’s persisted through the AI content generation era.

Here’s exactly how you can produce rapid business growth through SEO content.

The major problems you have to avoid with SEO content

There are 3 primary mistakes I see when brands start their SEO journey.

3 mistakes that sink the entire SEO strategy before a word is even written or video snippet created.

I see this a lot with SEO approaches.

People look to massive brands and what they’re doing so they can copy them. The big one I often see is HubSpot.

Marketers assess the HubSpot strategy and implement it with their own company, then wonder why they don’t get the same results.

Here’s the thing.