The cold email outreach model I’ve used to launch and grow multiple business

Pete Boyle
8 min readMay 20, 2021


At this point in my career I’ve created several businesses.

  • A freelance career
  • Information products
  • A subscription offer

And I’ve also helped plenty of SaaS brands grow their revenue.

Most of the successes I’ve had with the above models can be traced back to one action. Cold email outreach.

Sounds crazy, but the initial traction and some of the biggest partnership campaigns I’ve had were all thanks to a few well placed emails.

Here’s why I still recommend cold email for business owners and marketers, and the process I use to get results.

Why cold email marketing?

Cold email is an action you, as a business owner, can fully control.

You can’t control the response or how it’s received.

But you can control what is sent, when it hits their inbox, and the volume of messages you send.

All of which can be tracked and improved based on success rates.

If you compare it to something like Social Media, where you have limiting elements that are out of your control like…

  • Algorithms destroying your reach
  • Group moderators banning your posts
  • Difficulty in targeting specific people who have the ability to hire/buy

And so much more, direct outreach is an easier to refine approach.

Yes, social is great for promotion and getting the word out.

However, cold email outreach is a much better way at building true 1–2–1 connections in a short period of time.

Why cold email marketing doesn’t work for so many

Whether you’re sending outreach messages to open dialogues with…

There are a few golden rules you need to follow to see real success.

Rule #1 — Don’t rely wholly on a template

Templates are easy to spot and easier to ignore. Take a look at the below for an example…