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Pete Boyle
9 min readDec 5, 2023


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OK, so you want to grow your brand and you need to lay out a plan to get to your goal.

But, you’ve no clue how to create a decent growth marketing strategy framework to help your team move forward.

What do you include? What detail is needed? Who should be tasked with what?

If you want to grow your brand, or you’ve been tasked with setting up a framework for growth strategy, this is for you.

I’ll lay out the system I’ve used to help client generate millions.

What is a growth marketing strategy framework?

In essence, it’s a high-level plan.

A plan that helps you identify the key steps you’ll need to include in your more detailed strategy.

I always like to think of it as a sort of guiding light, or rails that keep subsequent strategy planning on track.

Usually, these strategy frameworks are built around tried and tested approaches. They’re stripped back to the core steps and allow you to use them as a foundation.

A good strategy framework will look at the entire customer journey and outline what should be done at each stage to progress users to the next.

Here’s the thing.

A lot of the advice and beliefs on growth strategies and frameworks is — in my opinion — overly complex.

They might fit $1B+ companies with massive resources and reach, but for the rest of us it’s overengineered. And honestly, even those big players could benefit from simplifying things.

You know the kind of thing I’m talking about. When you come across a sales page which is trying so hard to hit all 300 use cases of a service that it becomes too unclear.

When you try to appeal to everyone, you convince no one.

Simplification and focusing on specific cohorts is key.