The Smarter Alternative to eCommerce Overlays

Knowing How to Grab Attention

This is one of the biggest problems online marketers face. How to consistently grab the attention of consumers and persuade them to take a specific action.

Online lead capture
eCommerce Overlay popups

Simplicity Reigns, Mobile Rules

Digital marketing, especially for eCommerce, develops at an incredibly quick pace.

Poorly optimised eCommerce store
Optimised eCommerce store
Mobile vs desktop eCommerce
cross device journeys in eCommerce

The Simple, Multi-Device Tactic Engaging Customers and Driving Sales

The eCommerce world is at a tipping point.

ecommerce overlays, popups
Push notification in eCommerce store
Mobile push notifications for eCommerce
push notifications not overlays mobile ecommerce

Three Awesome Notification Campaigns

Whilst this is a new feature, we’ve had the opportunity to play around a little and have got some starting advice for you if you’re looking to introduce notification campaigns into your existing store.

Welcome Notifications

Push notification in eCommerce store
  1. Make the offer available on a wide range of products. If it’s a generic welcome notification that’s only available on a small category of products, most users might leave as that’s not what they’re shopping for
  2. Make it attractive, but not to the point of damaging profitability

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Cart abandonment notification
  1. Remind, then incentivise. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by immediately offering a money off incentive. Remind first and, if the purchase still isn’t completed after 24 hours, offer the incentive.

Instant Notifications

Instant sales notifications, push notifications
  1. Send numerous updates throughout the sale to continually remind people that it’s going on.
  2. Get smart with your targeting. Don’t just send multiple identical messages out, send targeted messages to different audience segments. For example, a clothing store will see more sales by promoting specific shoe based savings to customers who repeatedly purchase shoes.

Implementing your First Notification Campaign

We know that time is everything with eCommerce stores. If something takes too long to implement then you run the risk of missing out on potential sales.

eCommerce push notifications
ecommerce push notifications and overlays
  1. Sub-headline message
  2. The timing of the automated message
  3. The destination URL
  4. A relevant image
Customise push notification and popup for ecommerce
  1. Giving notice of the end of a sale
  2. Notifications of new products or restocked out of stock products

The User-Centric Way of Driving Revenue

For years users have been complaining about intrusive overlays that disrupt their browsing experience. It;s become such an issue that Google are starting to roll out penalties for those who offer a poor UX.



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