What is Parasite SEO (and is it worth it?) — Growth Models

Pete Boyle
10 min readSep 1, 2023


Parasite SEO seems to be popping up all over social media, and honestly, I had no idea what was meant by it.

It’s being shared by a lot of niche site owners, usually with a graph that shows a big ol spike in affiliate payouts or some sort of text explaining the money to be made.

“Who called me” keywords getting taken over by parasite SEO as well now!

Each page can generate tens of thousands of clicks per week and make the creator $50k per month or more…

That’s a ~5,000% return on investment 😲

Thing is, very few people are offering clear-as-day explanations of Parasite SEO.

A lot of them feel like they’ve been written by AI. I even asked on social and got answers like the below.

As you’d imagine, I wasn’t particularly happy with these vague answers. They honestly felt like they were written by AI.

So I’ve spent a few days digging deep and have a simple explanation for you on what Parasite SEO is, and whether it’s worth it below.

What is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is simply publishing your content on someone else’s high-ranking website.

You’re betting that the high domain authority offered by the publisher will be enough for your content to rank #1, or on page 1.

Sounds a lot like guest posting, right? Well, there’s one major difference.

You see, with Parasite SEO people aren’t looking for backlinks. They’re looking to drive traffic to affiliate offers.